Go to school and look for potential candidates

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Maria Yellows High School

On the surface the school appears to be an upper middle-class learning center bent on educating the youth for a better tomorrow. You however know something about the students of this school. They are spoiled party animals who care more about drinking and fucking than studying. Raised without core-family values, they have little empathy for other human beings. This development has made it possible for your cult to gain influence among the students by supplying them with drugs and prostitutes. Your cult runs these illegal businesses in this city, and you are the cult's spokeswoman in this school. As you arrive at the school, you are forced to wave off students asking you where they can get some drugs and hoes; you have more important things to do today.


You sit down on a chair in the school's cafeteria. Nearby there's a billboard: on it several schedules for the various classes. Reading it you see that you're late for your class lead by teacher Camilla Swanson. Probably the one you had in the back of your mind when coming here. She is an atypical hot but conservative woman whom you have clashed with on several occasions, but there are more women here that catch your eye. From your seat you see the incredibly hot, but also incredibly self-centered cheerleader Stacy walk outside. Another woman whom you have your eyes on is the cute, straight A student Karla. Karla sits by the table in the corner, making small talk with her two friends. Neither one of them is as smart or as cute as Karla. Lastly, if you'd like to torture someone, then your thoughts fall to your school's nurse: Amanda. A fat and pathetic creature.

The school is probably the most obvious place to start looking. Plenty of babes who have pissed you off in the past. Which one to choose?

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